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Silly Stop Motion

A few years ago I made a little video for my friend’s 18th birthday. I came across it today as I browsed through some old pc folders and watched it for the first time in ages. Despite the fact that there is no end to the things that I would change about it and that it is packed to the rafters with private jokes, I quite enjoyed it and thought I should share. I don’t necessarily expect people to get it or like it, but I thought I should include it here in my special zone of artistic creations as it is something a little different.

P.s. having just watched it for the second time today I’d like to make two further points:

1. It’s kind of meant to be a bit crap.

2. I wonder if I actually meant the typo on ‘happlily’ as Lily Allen’s photo is on the corners of the page? Something to mull over.