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A Bigger Project

Hello! This weekend I went a bit crazy and have pretty much been painting all day today and all of the afternoon yesterday. I think this is my most intense painting session ever! It all began when I started browsing one of my Dad’s art books…

The book in question was ‘David Hockney: A Bigger Picture’, which my Dad bought from the Royal Academy exhibition earlier this year. I spent a while browsing the pictures and decided that I wanted to paint a picture of a landscape using my special colour wheel to pick a selection of complimentary colours.

I was particularly inspired by these David Hockney pictures:











And this photograph that I took from Corfe Castle in Dorset:

From my colour wheel I picked a tetrad of colours; yellow-green, red-violet, blue and orange. I also roughly applied the Rule of Thirds which I have only just learned about!

First I did a rough painting which I’ve previously been too scared to do in case it went horribly wrong and I couldn’t cover it up. However, it was really useful and the acrylics were fine at covering any mistakes I’d made with my first draft.

Following my rough painting I filled in the details and this is my result:

I was quite pleased with my final picture, it looks better in real life than photographed- it’s very difficult to make out the paint strokes and the different shades in this picture.

Originally there weren’t any leaves on the tree, until I joked with mum that I was going to call it ‘The Last Ash Surveys His Kingdom For the Final Time’ and she begged me to add some buds! (I am genuinely sad about Ash dieback and I was meant to help with the survey this weekend until it was called off, but I do like teasing mum).

I really enjoyed painting this picture, especially because my easel is the best thing ever! (Mini post to follow). I still need to work on my technical ability and my colour mixing, but I had a lot of fun with this 🙂 Even if it did go against my conclusion from this post!



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