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A Quick Aside

Wow, everyone look at my easel!


1. Full easel



2. Midway easel



3. Mini easel!






At the moment I like…fantasy castles

I’ve always liked a good castle and have collected a few photos of my favourites…

1. Princess wallpaper

My earliest fantasy castle came in the form of my bedroom wallpaper. It had a repeating design of a princess in front of a pink castle in the distance. I used to look at it whilst I laid in bed making up stories about the princess. I tried to find an old sample of it to scan in but I think it’s long gone. Instead I’ve just got this picture of me looking silly in front of it.

Princess Wallpaper

2. Le Mont St Michel

I spent a lot of time at my nan’s house when I was younger and it’s her things that form my most vivid early memories. There were two pictures that hung in her spare room that particularly stick in my mind. They’re actually quite weird pictures looking at them now, but at the time they really fed my imagination.

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel L’arrivee

3. The Castle of Adventure

This was my dad’s book when he was little which he then read to me. I love the illustration on the cover- it’s such a simple drawing but has a real sense of foreboding and mystery.

The Castle of Adventure

4. The Far Pavilions

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS EVER! I love the descriptions of the “Palace of the Winds” with its courtyards, turrets, balconies and fretted windows, the exquisite interiors and the views over the mountains. Want.

The Far Pavilions

5. Temple de Sagrat Cor

I spotted this castle on the ceiling of the Temple de Sagrat Cor at the top of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. It’s so dreamy and fantastical and is made up of little tiny tiles. I think putting things on the ceiling always makes them look better. There were some other amazing ceiling mosaics there that I photographed but I’ll save them for another time.

Temple de Sagrat Cor

6. My castle painting

I painted this last summer when I was experimenting with my acrylics. I wanted to create my fantasy castle as a haven in the middle of a storm. It came out slightly odd as I layered the sea so much that it lost much of the distinction between the waves, and the castle really is very pink. I still think it is interesting though.

Castle painting


I’m back!

Aha so you thought that this website was just a phase! I have fooled you all! I have merely been taking a long break…

To be honest I got a bit distracted last summer as I desperately looked for a job and then in September I made the crazy decision to study physics with the Open University. This took over my life for ten months until June this year, where I emerged from the qualification feeling tired, boring and overly-scientific. It has taken me a long time to recover from it…I still have little energy and have had no time for my projects of old. However I think that I am now finally waking up from this nightmare and am trying to be inspired by art again and awaken my creativity. I am also trying to draw on the comfort that I actually persevered with my physics to the bitter end, something I haven’t found easy with my little projects in the past.
I am going to try to post weekly on here, although I know this won’t always be possible as the job that I finally managed to get last year is quite demanding and I can often end up working late or at the weekends. However I’m hoping that by just trying to think creatively about my posts it will help to get me back into the swing of things again, even if I don’t always manage to get it on this website.


To do

I have decided to include a ‘to do’ list here as a way of pressuring myself to begin/complete a few projects that I am interested in. This is to try and combat my project-leap-frogging issue that so plagues me.

1. Finish my William Morris tapestry cushion.

2. Finish my bird canvas painting.

3. Produce a castle drawing (maybe Noir Comic style?).

4. Harbour scene in acrylics.

5. Portrait in acrylics inspired by early Picasso.

6. Research family tree.

I think I might make a crack at the harbour painting tomorrow!


At the moment I like…stars

Not celestial stars, not celebrity stars but pretend stars…

It doesn’t make much sense so I have found three nice images to demonstrate what I mean.

1. The ceiling of Hampton Court Palace Chapel

I first visited the interior of Hampton Court Palace when I was seven, and the magic of the chapel has stayed with me ever since. The atmosphere is really special and I think that a big contributor to this is the amazing ceiling. Decorated in royal blue with hundreds of tiny golden stars, it really feels like you are staring up into the heavens.

Hampton Court Chapel

Hampton Court Chapel Ceiling

Hampton Court Chapel Ceiling













2.  Van Gogh’s Starry Night

This is a beautiful, swirling image that draws you deep into the night sky. Another magical feeling.

Starry Night

Starry Night

3. Polly Pocket Fairy Fantasy

This is the weirdest one of the bunch. I was given this light-up Polly Pocket when I was about four, and it was one of the best toys that I have ever owned. I remember playing with it at night at my Gran’s house and it really drew me into the little fairy world. It’s not really stars at such, but the light-up function in a pitch-black room when you’re young is quite special.

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket

So after all that, in a couple of days time I probably won’t give a monkeys about these things.

P.s. whilst finding Polly Pocket pictures I came across this blog and found the toy article really funny.


Website on a whim

I think I have an attention span problem. For as long as I can remember I have hopped from interest to interest, dabbling in all kinds of arts, ideas and projects until I drop them and move on.  I suppose it is more akin to going through crazes than ADHD. I get very struck by an idea, either one that’s been building up quietly for a while or one which is suddenly inspired, and then it unfurls so quickly in my head that I have to stop dead in my tracks for a moment or two until I start running around the house/street/town like a headless chicken trying to organise my new project. I can work happily on it for a while, totally throwing myself into the task and living every moment of it. I feel really inspired and think, “wow, I have finally found my calling in life! From now on, this is all I’m going to do!”. I sign up to forums, make expensive transactions and bang on about it non-stop to anyone who’ll listen. And then…something happens. The feeling has gone. I have no interest. The paint brushes lie crusty on my desk, the camera equipment gets pushed under my bed and the balls of wool get dragged off by the cat without me even noticing. I suppose this can make me seem like an interesting person; one minute I’m strapping a weather station to the shed in blizzard conditions and the next I am beginning a William Morris Strawberry Thief cross stitch tapestry. But for me it feels non-committal, flakey and undedicated. By flitting from craze to craze I never have time to build up many skills in each, and I’m left with a sense of failure when I spot my half finished projects and reflect on my non-existent motivation to complete them.

Whilst this may seem like a bizarre outburst to begin this website with, I’ll assure you that it does tie in with my introduction. You see, my Exciting New Idea of Today is a website. I was lying in bed this morning feeling very sorry for myself (I am off work sick) when suddenly my brain switched on and left me with this Exciting New Idea. So ignoring all the protestations of my poor tummy I ran downstairs, grabbed my laptop, jumped back into bed and started typing, typing, typing. Right now a website with all my paintings, drawings, videos, ideas, favourite books, sewing etc etc seems like the greatest epiphany yet to strike me. However, I have come to understand my mind’s fickle ways and am aware that in a few days from now my website could become just another virtual graveyard left in the purgatory of cyberspace. For this reason I am going to work on it offline for a while to see how it goes before committing to the internetz. If it proves successful then I shall upload what I have done. If it doesn’t…well, that will be for me to know, and for me to know only.


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