A Christmas Present

This Christmas I received a request to create a painting or drawing for a present! I had a little think and in the end I decided to base it loosely on this picture of Richmond Park.


I wanted it to feel really autumnal so I decided to use a lot of reds and yellow which, when I’d added the sky and the ponds, made the painting consist mainly of primary colours! I decided to use my Georgian watercolour set because I’d been reading a book on them which had inspired me. I had no idea about all the ways you could manipulate watercolours using washes, texture, brushes, masking and more. I started by wetting and stretching the paper myself which was interesting considering I had no gum strip to hold it down- masking tape is a poor alternative. For the painting I decided to try experimenting with washes which was very risky considering it was going to be given to someone as a present! For the foreground I painted the details in and then painted over with a red wash, and for the distant hills and trees I used a blue wash. For the sky I experimented with blotting out the paint to create clouds and for the grass I used a scratchy bristle brush. My recent paintings have helped me realise that I have a certain style, which tends to involve bright colours and quite rounded objects. I’ve also realised how much I enjoy painting landscapes. Here’s the finished result…


I’m starting oil and acrylic lessons on Monday so hopefully I’ll produce a few interesting things from that!


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