I’m back!

Aha so you thought that this website was just a phase! I have fooled you all! I have merely been taking a long break…

To be honest I got a bit distracted last summer as I desperately looked for a job and then in September I made the crazy decision to study physics with the Open University. This took over my life for ten months until June this year, where I emerged from the qualification feeling tired, boring and overly-scientific. It has taken me a long time to recover from it…I still have little energy and have had no time for my projects of old. However I think that I am now finally waking up from this nightmare and am trying to be inspired by art again and awaken my creativity. I am also trying to draw on the comfort that I actually persevered with my physics to the bitter end, something I haven’t found easy with my little projects in the past.
I am going to try to post weekly on here, although I know this won’t always be possible as the job that I finally managed to get last year is quite demanding and I can often end up working late or at the weekends. However I’m hoping that by just trying to think creatively about my posts it will help to get me back into the swing of things again, even if I don’t always manage to get it on this website.


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