At the moment I like…fantasy castles

I’ve always liked a good castle and have collected a few photos of my favourites…

1. Princess wallpaper

My earliest fantasy castle came in the form of my bedroom wallpaper. It had a repeating design of a princess in front of a pink castle in the distance. I used to look at it whilst I laid in bed making up stories about the princess. I tried to find an old sample of it to scan in but I think it’s long gone. Instead I’ve just got this picture of me looking silly in front of it.

Princess Wallpaper

2. Le Mont St Michel

I spent a lot of time at my nan’s house when I was younger and it’s her things that form my most vivid early memories. There were two pictures that hung in her spare room that particularly stick in my mind. They’re actually quite weird pictures looking at them now, but at the time they really fed my imagination.

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel L’arrivee

3. The Castle of Adventure

This was my dad’s book when he was little which he then read to me. I love the illustration on the cover- it’s such a simple drawing but has a real sense of foreboding and mystery.

The Castle of Adventure

4. The Far Pavilions

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOKS EVER! I love the descriptions of the “Palace of the Winds” with its courtyards, turrets, balconies and fretted windows, the exquisite interiors and the views over the mountains. Want.

The Far Pavilions

5. Temple de Sagrat Cor

I spotted this castle on the ceiling of the Temple de Sagrat Cor at the top of Mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. It’s so dreamy and fantastical and is made up of little tiny tiles. I think putting things on the ceiling always makes them look better. There were some other amazing ceiling mosaics there that I photographed but I’ll save them for another time.

Temple de Sagrat Cor

6. My castle painting

I painted this last summer when I was experimenting with my acrylics. I wanted to create my fantasy castle as a haven in the middle of a storm. It came out slightly odd as I layered the sea so much that it lost much of the distinction between the waves, and the castle really is very pink. I still think it is interesting though.

Castle painting


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