Old News

Tonght’s activity has been about turning this…

Bare newspapers

Bare newspapers

…into this…

Scrap book

Scrap book

These are the bazillions of newspapers that I have gradually acquired, each from an important event in my lifetime (except the souvenir booklet shown above from Fergie’s wedding to Prince Andrew, which I found at my nan’s). I had no idea I had so many until this evening, so I decided to put them in my scrap book. My scrap book is mainly filled with my photos and other important things like family trees and old tickets etc (I will post about it properly some other time), but in the back will be my newspaper collection. I felt kind of bad about cutting up these old newspapers to begin with, but I then decided that they take up far too much space in my bedroom and I don’t look at them in their current condition anyway.

I still have a long way to go, having only got through Prince Andrew’s wedding, the death of Princess Diana, September 11th, the death of the Queen Mother and the Golden Jubilee in about two hours. I also didn’t count on the emotional trauma of reading about lots of depressing things in a short space of time. I will hopefully get it done tomorrow though and then move on to something more interesting and less miserable.


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