An Acrylic Experiment

On Friday I went ahead and began my acrylic landscape. I was inspired by an amazing acrylic that I saw in a school I had worked in a few weeks ago. It was so good that I had assumed it was a photograph until someone mentioned it was painted by a a student! I decided that this kind of painting looked easy peasy; all I needed to do was to include every single little detail that I could see into my painting. There was no need for creativity or imagination, it was merely copying the view before my eyes.

Actually, it was bloody hard and I don’t like my painting.

A few months ago I fooled myself into thinking that I was alright with acrylics when I randomly painted this planty thing as I tested my paints.

Plant Painting

Plant Painting

Instead I found that I had real trouble mixing the colours with precision and also suffered from my fidget-arse syndrome. I just couldn’t find the will to include EVERY detail. I think part of the problem is that I lack technical ability and therefore become discouraged. I have an instructional painting book but I don’t like it. It just told me how to recreate the pictures in the book with a step-by-step guide (e.g. paint the front boat with a bit of red. Now paint the blue boat. Now paint the seagull etc etc). I need a good art book that teaches techniques and rules that I don’t know about.

Anyway, here is my picture.




I’m not trying to make excuses but it hasn’t scanned in very well…!

I was really pleased with the jetty and its reflections, but I don’t like the colour of the sand and some of the shrubs.

I have decided from this exercise that I like acrylics for close-up objects and watercolours for landscapes as it is easier to create an impression of views which I think is more my bag.


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